Chatzy: Everything About Free Private Chat Rooms

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Chatzy is an internet platform that allows you to build private chat rooms for group discussions. It is a platform that offers thousands and thousands of chat rooms on a range of interesting topics. The majority of these were designed from the input of members. What do you think? Chatzy a safe and trustworthy chat room? Simply read the article until the last paragraph to find out everything Chatzy completely.


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Evolution of Chatzy: From Experiments to Devoted Corporation

Chatzy has been in operation since 2001. It began as an experiment made by a couple of Internet people who worked in a variety of jobs, but it has been transformed into a modest focused, dedicated business headquartered in Europe. As establishing and maintaining the highest quality chatroom can be expensive, Chatzy reserves a spot on chat rooms with advertising which is changed every two hours, in addition to providing premium features on top of its free chat.

Notable Features of Chatzy

  • Chatzy is an excellent way to bring a refreshing idea to brainstorming sessions for class, and the save/print feature lets participants print a transcript that can be used later. Privacy is not an issue because each new chat room can be given a unique website which can be only accessed by users who have been invited.
  • It instantly creates chat rooms, in which you are able to connect with people from all over the globe.
  • Create virtual chat rooms, with other features (password security for example, password protection. ).
  • Chatzy’s interactive chatroom for a chat service that is free on your website.
  • Incorporate as many rooms you’d like.
  • It isn’t necessary to register, However, members who have registered receive extra advantages.
  • If you want to fully get students involved in discussions with your class, Chatzy is an excellent tool to attract and hold their interest.
  • Reviewing the Design of Chatzy

Chatzy is a minimalist site Its style and design reflect that. There’s no bright graphics, colors, or even films available anyplace. Even though it has a minimalist look, the simplicity of Chatzy’s design and its retro “emoticons” lend it an retro look. You’re transported in the past to dial-up Internet connections. In the past, being in chat rooms was an act of status.

Even with some flaws in its design, Chatzy is a success in its purposes. Chats are smooth and personal. It just takes a few seconds for the user to log in and get a live chatroom up and running.

Chatzy App Overview

Chatzy’s app features the Firestore Integration theme that includes Firebase Push Notification and Firebase Chatting and Audio-Video Call. The theme features 30screens. It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. Chatify includes a dark theme, multi-language support states management through GetX with support for dart extensions, and RTL feature.

How to log In to Chatzy?

Alongside the traditional way of login, which is to input your email address by receiving an email confirmation, as well as making a choice of a password will be able to login via the following third-party applications :

  • Facebook:is the world’s largest social network.
  • Google+It is utilized with a variety of Google services, including Android phones.
  • Windows Live: Microsoft’s ID is integrated along with Bing,, OneDrive as well as Windows Phone.
  • LinkedIn is the best employment-related social media site.

Chatzy’s benefits to registering Chatzy

Chatzy was created to work without the need for users to sign in. It is, however, possible to offer some benefits to users who are able to verify their email address.

  • If you are a registered user your account has the “My Rooms” list that keeps track of any rooms that have created, entered, or have invited to.
  • These preferences, for all of your rooms, like name and the color of your room, will be maintained for when you return.
  • There is the option to control invitation permissions like allowing only the registered users to email you invitations.
  • It is possible to enter rooms in which the owner only permits members who have valid email addresses.
  • Registering is free and does not take more than a minute.

Difference Between Quick Chats and Virtual Rooms

Both are fundamentally free. The most significant distinctions are:

Quick Chat

There is also a Quick Chat feature allows you to establish a chat area with invitations to invite friends as quick and efficiently as you send a regular email.

There is no way to create passwords for rooms or alter chat characteristics (such like subject/title) after it’s started.

Virtual Room

The virtual room provides many possibilities.

The user can modify the password you have set, create a personalised welcome greeting, select one of the unique skins, with access controls at multiple levels, and create advanced content rules.

Access to email addresses and Privacy Chatzy’s Terms and Conditions?

Once you have logged into Chatzy via your email that email address could be used in order to identify you when you are logged into a room administrator in particular situations:

  • Instant Chats:In Quick Chats there’s no room administrator, so, no one can see your email.
  • Virtual Room:Only people who are the administrators of the virtual room may view the virtual room. Your emails are kept secret from others, including moderators. If you’ve opted for your own Chatzy ID, nobody could see your email for any reason.

How to Change Your Email Address in Chatzy?

The ability to modify your account email for security reasons. It is also to avoid confusion at events where you have been invited or a part of.

If you received a change in email, you’ll need to open your chat room again manually, and ask that the administrators of secured chat rooms invite you in a new way.

How do I Delete my Chatzy Account?

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to sign up with Chatzy, we recommend some of these options:

  • In the Account Preferences, select “Never send me invitations.”
  • Switch your password to the length of a random and long string.
  • Visit “My Rooms” and delete every thing from the room lists by selecting the X in the upper right corner of each one.
  • That is it! However, Chatzy keeps records of your email address once you’ve deleted it. If Chatzy deletes your email address then it won’t be able to stop other users from sending an invitation to chat.

What is Skin in Chatzy?

Skins can be used to alter Chatzy’s appearance. The colors used backdrop images, backgrounds and the styles of text. Skins are available in two forms:

  • Temporary skin: It is recommended to every person in a room. It can be made through the skin command.
  • Room Skin Set up by Room administrator through Room Properties (or applied with the”/skin+” command).
  • the device Skin: is saved locally on your device as a cookie, whereas User Skin is stored in your Account Preferences to be remembered on logging onto a new device.
  • Skin Categories are prioritized in the above order; like, for example, a Space Skin always prevails over one that is a Device Skin. The Skins all work the same manner, and they can easily be copied via the Skin String.

Pricing Plans of Chatzy

Using Chatzy Free

  • Chatzy offers several pricing options in order to meet the various user requirements.
  • You can explore the services for the cost of nothing and look at its options before signing up.
  • All members can transmit messages free of charges. Members can see the messages they sent through their account at no charge during the free trial.
  • This allows users to get a feel for the platform while not any financial commitment.

Chatzy’s Premium Membership Pricing

  • User Premium Plan: It offers flexibility, with lengths of 3 months up to 12 months.
  • Room Premium Program: Provides lengths of 1 week to 12 months.
  • Costs vary based on the period you choose.

Chatzy’s costs are affordable thus making it a viable selection for a cost-effective and efficient communication solution. Chatzy aims to provide the best value and ease of use to its users regardless of whether they sign up for premium or free accounts.

Wrapping it Up!

Simply put, Chatzy is a user-friendly site for chat rooms that are private with no registration required. It includes features such as instant room creation, as well as encryption of passwords to ensure a smooth chatting experience. The minimalistic design of the app Chatzy lets you have intimate conversations with the user’s privacy maintained. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for online messaging.